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Stand Tall Mens posture corrector

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This high quality posture corrector is crafted with a soft and stretchy blend of neoprene, it is lined with cotton for great comfort and fits discretely under clothes.The posture corrector is fitted with ten high energetic magnets which contact the spine and the lumbar region.

Perfect for daily desk workers who are sat for long periods or anyone with back problems. This product assists the daily desk worker in correcting the damage from sitting in a bad posture daily and the long term affects that can have.Prolonged sitting has been proven to be a silent killer in recent research, this product can lessen the damage caused by that.

  • Constructed of soft, stretchy blend of Neoprene, it is lined with cotton for great comfort and fits discretely under clothing
  • Hand washable
  • Fully adjustable
  • Appear Taller and boost confidence 
  • Comfortable to wear



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    Customer Reviews

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    Material feels of good quality, my posture has improved since wearing this for weeks.Would buy again

    Fantastic product!

    After struggling with persistent back issues for years, its great to find a product that actually works and helps me.
    Back pain is no joke, wearing this helps my posture and relieves my back spasms.
    Delivery was much quicker than expected and price is very reasonable.




    Amazing! So great for spine alignment, which also helps to prevent back/muscle pain. I previously bought a cheap version, and it was really small. So this time, just to be safe -- and because, you know, China sizes -- I looked at the dimensions posted, and bought one size bigger than my actual. But this fits true to size, so wish I bought the correct size. Though the arms and waist are completely adjustable, so not a big problem. But the true size would have meant less fussing with the waist velcro. And do I really need the waist to fit like a vice, or is that an expectation created by the cheap small model? Then again, this one is not that expensive, esp. based on what it does (cheaper than massage, lots of muscle relaxants, etc.), so maybe I give this one away and get another for myself? LOL


    very very satisfied with product,fast shipping,very good quality,thank u dear seller very good quality,fast shipping,will buy again