FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find products?

On visiting the home page click either the All Products link at the top navigation bar which is the same on every page or click the Shop Now button on the main banner. On the All Products page use the filter to section the products out into different categories.

Is your website safe & secure against fraud and hackers?

Yes, This is a common question as these days security is of paramount importance to customers.All communications between your browser and this website are encrypted.You will also see the familar McAffee logo throughout the website showing that our website has earned the McAfee SECURE certification.This means that - 

  • No Malware or Malicious Links
  • This site isn't trying to infect your computer.
  • Valid SSL Certificate
  • Your data is encrypted.
  • No Phishing Detected

How much does Shipping cost?

Shipping is absolutely FREE of charge for all customers in all locations on every product.

How do I contact you?

Click on the Contact link on the top navigation bar of the website and fill in the support form with your details and we will respond to your query. Alternatively if you prefer the old fashioned way send us an email at support@classact-online.co.uk

How do I get a refund?

In the rare case where you would like to arrange a refund, when viewing any product select the refunds tab and our full refund policy is outlined there.